UK Will Institute Government-Supervised Quarantine For Passengers Arriving From High-Risk Countries

On the heels of the United States announcing that travelers will have to quarantine upon arrival in the US, there has been a development overseas.  The United Kingdom has been dealing with plenty of COVID-19 issues, including a nasty outbreak of a more virulent strain.  After instituting a list of high-risk countries, the UK is taking things a step further.  They have announced that visitors from 22 countries will need to submit to a mandatory, government-supervised quarantine in a hotel. The United Kingdom hasn’t confirmed the list of 22 countries, […]

Arrogance in the Air Leads to Jail on the Ground

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Travel takes many shapes and size. While I have my small share of exotic trips along with some of my fellow traveling crazies, the majority are simple point A to point B. They don’t require leaving the country and certainly don’t involve passengers trying to open an emergency exit on their own.