Blackberry Announces New Phone With Physical Keyboard. Are They Toying With Me?

Thanks to reader Jessica R for pointing this out to me. Blackberry has announced their new Q20, which will feature a physical QWERTY keyboard.  This really isn’t travel news, but I was surprised at how many folks viewed my recent post on “Blackberry-like” keyboards for my iPhone. I didn’t end up buying one of the keyboards, but Blackberry sure is tempting me with this.  The device is supposed to have a 3.5 inch screen which is bigger than previous keyboard Blackberrys but smaller than my iPhone. I’m okay with my […]

What Do You Think? Am I Crazy To Buy One?

I like my iPhone.  I really do.  There was a time where I used to have to look in the mirror and practice saying it.  But now, it flows smoothly off my tongue.  But, while it’s a device I rely on heavily (and couldn’t do without) and I really like it, I consider it more of a “best of breed”.  Bottom line?  I’m not in love.  With it or any other smartphone.  I’ve tried a handful of Android devices and found them all to be significantly harder to use consistently than the iPhone.  Sure, […]