New World of Hyatt Credit Card More Rewarding!

It seems to be the week for compelling new credit card offers in the travel world.  Just yesterday we discussed the new Frontier Airlines World Mastercard, where you can earn elite status solely from credit card spending.  They’re not the only ones with a new, compelling offer this week.

Hyatt has announced changes to their World of Hyatt credit card issued by Chase.  And, as always…..

The Devil Is in The Details

The new World of Hyatt credit card will offer the following benefits:

  • 4 points per dollar on spending at Hyatt properties including most on-site restaurants and spas (increased from 3 points per dollar currently).
  • 2 points per dollar on spending at restaurants and on airline tickets.
  • 2 points per dollar on fitness clubs and gym memberships.
  • Lastly, 2 points dollar on local transit and ride-sharing.

They also doubled down on the free anniversary night benefit:

  • Cardmembers will earn 1 free night each anniversary year, redeemable at category 1-4 hotels.
  • They can also earn an additional free night at a category 1-4 hotel if they spend $15,000 or more per year on the card.

Finally, Hyatt made some interesting changes to how you earn elite status through the credit card.  Today, it’s a non-starter other than receiving Discoverist status.  Tomorrow, though:

  • The card still comes with Discoverist status.
  • You’ll earn 5 qualifying nights towards elite status each year you keep the card.
  • You’ll earn 2 additional qualifying nights for each $5,000 you spend on the World of Hyatt credit card.  For the second time this week, we have a situation where you can earn top-tier elite status entirely based on credit card spend!
Increased Sign-up Bonus And Annual Fee

The current sign-up bonus of 40,000 points gets an upgrade.  Now, you’ll earn 40,000 when you spend $3,000 on the card in the first 90 days.  Plus, you’ll earn an additional 20,000 points if you spend a total of $6,000 in the first 6 months.

The new World of Hyatt credit card sees a $95 annual fee versus $75 for the existing card today.  Folks who already have the Hyatt credit card can apply to upgrade to the new card.  They’ll receive 2,000 bonus points if approved.

Is This A Card You Should Get?

I think Hyatt and Chase have done a great job making the World of Hyatt credit card more valuable to folks.  The only area where I see a drop in benefits is the 2 points per dollar the existing card earns on car rentals.

Hyatt is my primary hotel chain.  My first impression is that these changes likely don’t change my behavior much.  I already spend $15,000 on the card so I’ll earn a second free night each year, which is great.  Unless something changes drastically, I’ll continue to have 60 nights a year to earn top-tier Globalist status.  And, I have lifetime Globalist status with Hyatt as well.  Gary of View From The Wing pointed out one detail I hadn’t considered.  The additional elite-qualifying nights from credit card spending can be a good way to top off the 10-night thresholds Hyatt established for heavy travelers.  Those thresholds earn additional suite night awards or 10,000 bonus points.

But, the question was whether you should get this card.  If you don’t have this card in your wallet and you like to travel even a little, I think the answer is yes.  The increased annual fee means you get a bit less value out of the annual free night.  But, for that same annual fee and $15,000 you can get two free nights.

If that $15,000 in spend is at Hyatt properties, you’ll earn an additional point on that spend.  The fitness center addition is a small, nice plus.  And, a 60,000 points sign-up bonus is essentially a more flexible version of the old sign-up bonus that got you two free nights at any Hyatt in the world.

The Final Two Pennies

The new World of Hyatt credit card adds a lot more value without a lot more annual fee.  If you have a gym membership you can probably earn a decent chunk of that extra $20 a year from double points for that category.  Bigger spenders will see more free nights and faster progress to elite status.  All in all, a pretty good deal.

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  1. I want to like Hyatt. Hyatt is best for earning points and actually using them for hotel rooms rather than transferring to airlines.

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