United Airlines Introduces Mobile Passport Scanning

United Airlines will now allow passengers to submit a copy of their passport through the airline’s mobile app in order to receive a boarding pass.

It took me almost 2 years to get to the point where United didn’t require me to scan my passport at an airport check-in kiosk before flying internationally. It took a bunch of back-and-forth with United employees and I never really get a clear answer as to why it didn’t work the first half dozen times.

I’m still struggling with the rest of my family and United’s systems for he same issue, so this is a welcome technological addition if it works.

Maybe it’s just superstition, but I always feel more comfortable when I have my actual boarding pass, whether on my phone or in hand. It’s still possible for the airline to change my seat, but I think it’s less likely once you already show as checked in.

They’ll be using software similar to those banks are using to do mobile check deposits. I’ve had great experiences with those, having not encountered any transcription errors as of yet.

Cautiously optimistic!

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  1. Oddly enough, my last several international flights on UA going back to last year have been issue-free. Haven’t had to scan a passport and did mobile check-in just fine.

  2. For today’s flight SFO to LHR I have a digital boarding pass with Precheck and all. Not sure if it not being a return to the US made it easier? Anyway, glad not to be messing with scanning passports but having been separated from my passport I during an international journey recently I do welcome checking that I have it.

    1. Levy, can’t say I’ve ever really understood why some folks have no issue and others have lots. Count yourself amongst the lucky. 🙂

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