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What is NEXUS/Global Entry you ask?

NEXUS is a program that aids people in crossing the US/Canada border, whether by boat, plane or car.

Global Entry is a way to expedite your return to the US through 20 gateways via plane.  Kind of an international “trusted traveler” program.

I recently took a trip overseas as part of StarMegaDO, and I’m getting ready for another overseas trip as an organizer of the oneWorld MegaDO.  On our return from Germany, we were bogged down in customs for over 90 minutes.  Additionally, our trip to Montreal the next day saw a 45-minute delay.

No, thanks.  I got smart.  I have some family in Canada that we visit, and I’ve got the occasional personal trip to other parts of Canada, so choosing NEXUS seemed logical.  And, as NEXUS and Global Entry work more on integrating, they are granting Global Entry privileges to people who are approved for NEXUS.

I had to fly to Detroit for my interview after completing the online application.  There are a number of NEXUS interview spots around the country at various border crossings. The one in Detroit is on the US side of the Ambassador Bridge.  It took all of about 30 minutes to complete the interview and get briefed on how the program worked.  With a huge assist from Hertz Platinum on the way back to the airport, I was able to do the whole thing in under 3 hours and catch an earlier flight home.  Can’t wait to use the new status!  Links to both below:


Global Entry Link

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