ACC Tournament Update

Game 1 was won by VA Tech in convincing fashion. Miami never showed up for the game.

Now, Georgia Tech is playing Clemson. Georgia Tech managed 2 wins the entire ACC season, and are the worst team in the tournament. At the half, they are tied with Clemson in a shoot-out, and frankly, they’re outplaying Clemson.

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My best friend, David, and I arrived in ATL last night for the ACC tournament. Due to an odd seating configuration in the Georgia Dome, we had no idea how good our seats were.

Well, we’re sitting here watching Virginia Tech play Miami, and we’re behind the basket, 6 rows from the floor. Awesome seats!

I can’t wait for Duke to play tomorrow night. I’m posting to the blog via e-mail from my Blackberry for the first time, so I have no idea how it looks.

More updates to follow!

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