United Mileage Plus

People Aren’t Signing Up For Credit Cards Offered By American And United Airlines. Here’s My Opinion Why Not

American Airlines and United Airlines are both suffering from unexpected drops in credit card sign-ups. That makes a big difference to their bottom line. Here’s why they’re having problems.

Cheap Iceland Fares Still Available, Sheraton 2020 and Duct Tape. The Best of the Rest For Monday, June 1st, 2015

Best of the Rest for Monday include cheap fares still available on Wow Air, duct tape can really fix everything, and where Aer Lingus is expanding to. Read more….

Are You Earning Miles When You Purchase A Bikini? Lingerie?

  No, I’m sure women readers don’t want me giving them advice about swimwear and lingerie.  Nor do I think my wife wants me giving other women such advice.  It’s more just a quick tidbit to emphasize that you can earn miles for a wide variety of things if you just take a few minutes to figure out how.             Both the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal and the United Mileage Plus shopping portal offer 2 miles per dollar spent on purchases at Victoria’s Secret. […]

Free Miles If You Have Marriott Stays Coming Up

View From The Wing has a nice plus for people who pledge their loyalty to the Marriott brand. United is offering bonus miles if you buy Marriott gift cards.  Now, I don’t frequent Marriott on a regular basis, but those people with Marriott status and frequent stays for business or a vacation coming up, spending $1,000 at a Marriott property shouldn’t be hard. To get 5000 miles, you need to purchase $1,050 in Marriott gift cards, redeemable at pretty much any Marriott property in the world.  Not a ton of […]