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TODAY ONLY: 15 Miles Per Dollar At 15 Stores From United Mileage Plus

The United Airlines MileagePlus shopping portal is offering 15 miles per dollar today only on a group of retailers that most folks will recognize. These aren’t second-rate merchants, and 15 miles per dollar is pretty darn awesome.

Cheap Flights To Alaska and Hawaii, Bonus JetBlue Points For Shopping And An Insane Story About Theft On A Plane

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More Holiday Shopping Deals. USAirways Offering Bonuses Via Their Shopping Portal

It looks like US Airways has now started rolling out some holiday offers in their shopping portal. I don’t see too many stellar values, but Under Armour is now 6 miles per dollar instead of 3.  If you’re in the market for a laptop, Lenovo is 4 miles/$ instead of 2.  You can even get 6 miles per dollar for shoes (including UGGs) at Online Shoes. Like I said, no truly awesome deals, though 6 miles per dollar for shoes is decent.  And, some of the recent AAdvantage deals I […]