I Don’t Think American, Delta And United Will Actually Compete With Each Other

The age of competition is over.  There, I said it.  Okay, so it only holds true for the airlines.  More correctly, for what’s left of the legacy airlines that fought to the death after de-regulation.  In a matter of months, American Airlines and US Airways will merge.  It should be the last major consolidation we see in the US market.  There may be smaller acquisitions but I think we largely know what the map looks like in the US, if not how many lines stretch between different cities. I just […]

Tools And Tricks: Seat Guru’s New iPhone App

It seems to be my theme this week to review useful travel apps.  I stumbled across ExpertFlyer’s iPhone app a couple of days ago and posted my thoughts. Then, this morning, I saw an article on Seat Guru’s new iPhone app.  A bit of background on SeatGuru.  It was started by someone I consider a good friend, Matt Daimler, who has gone on to found other successful companies.  He sold SeatGuru to TripAdvisor back in 2007.  For quite some time (IMO) things were status quo.  There was integration with TripAdvisor […]