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Cheap Flights To Alaska and Hawaii, Bonus JetBlue Points For Shopping And An Insane Story About Theft On A Plane

The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel/miles & points stories that interested me on a daily basis but didn’t have time to write about in length. Culled from over 100 blogs/authors I follow, some are passed along without comment, while I add my analysis to others. This is your shortcut to find out what’s going on in the travel world without having to read dozens of travel blogs to get all the best info.

The Greatest Adventure in Travel Sold Out in Record Time Today

MegaDO (noun):  A group of crazy travelers who charter a plane and fly around the world participating in once-in-a-lifetime activities. Previous MegaDO activities I’ve participated in include: Being the first civilian group to tour the inside of a 787. Performing a water evacuation drill, complete with life vests, rafts and soaking wet clothes. Jumping out of a plane onto an exit slide. An across the world marathon of broken planes and dead sprints covered in sweat.  So crazy, it took two posts to summarize. Piloting a 777 flight simulator. Winning […]