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Cheap Fares to China and Cabo, 20%+ Discount on iTunes Gift Cards. The Best of the Rest on Monday, June 15th, 2015

Today’s Best of the Rest includes cheap fares to China and Cabo, 20%+ discounts on iTunes gift cards, a Cannabis-themed resort and awesome takeoff footage of a 787. Read on….

To Panama! Boats, Canals & Beaches! Westin Playa Bonita Review, Part 1 (Guest Rooms & Suites)

Previous posts: Booking A Trip To Panama Getting There: Copa Airlines and Rental Car Fun In my search for the right hotel for our Panama trip most of what I discovered fell into two distinct categories.  The city of Panama is a busy financial center housing plenty of comfortable accommodations similar to what you might find in major US cities like Chicago and New York.   That wasn’t quite the right fit for a week-long vacation with two young children enjoying spring break.  I also discovered resort properties that showcased beautiful […]

To Panama! Boats, Canals & Beaches. Getting There: Copa Airlines And Rental Car Fun

Previous posts:   Booking A Trip To Panama It’s been a whopping two months since we got back from Panama.  Wow, time flies! I need to get off my butt and get these posts done! This would be my first trip on Copa Airlines, the flagship carier of Panama.  They’ve been a longtime partner with Continental (now United), going so far as to replicate their logo and replace their mileage program with MileagePlus (originally, they were OnePass when that was Continental’s program).  When searching on United’s website, Copa has plenty […]

To Panama! Boats, Canals And Beaches. Booking A Trip To Panama

Lots of people have bucket lists, and I’ve been meaning to write mine down for quite some time.  On my mental bucket list, Panama has always held a spot near the top of the leaderboard.  The country has obviously had a lot of US influence over the years, though that has significantly waned since the canal was officially handed over to Panama at the end of last century.  I was happy to schedule it for a family spring break trip, especially since we only booked it about 6 weeks ahead […]