American Airlines Changes Policy On Delays And Cancellations, Tougher For Customers. Is It Fair?

Have you ever had a flight that was delayed or cancelled? Did the airline move you to another airline so you could get where you needed to go? Do you think it’s fair for an airline to move some passengers to another airline during delays or cancellations but not move others?

Interesting Nugget in Pilot Response To American Airlines

I was scanning through the pilots’ union response to American Airlines and came across an interesting comment. The response states that AA’s most recent offer limits total JetBlue code sharing to 50 percent of AA’s domestic available seat miles. I haven’t run the math, but I believe this would represent a significant expansion of the JetBlue code share. Since AA started cooperating with JetBlue in a larger way I’ve been hoping for greater participation (AA EQMs for JetBlue flights would be great), similar to the AA/Alaska Air partnership. We’re still […]