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Did I get your attention?  Good!  If you love redeeming points and miles to go incredible places, then this should have your attention.  If you just want to get to the good stuff, scroll down to “win a free year of”.  We’re also giving away a whole bunch of day passes to try out the service.  If you want to learn a bit more, tag along.

There’s a new player in the game when it comes to making it easy to use your miles and points.  This is probably the single most popular question I get from readers.

How can I find 2 (3, 4 or more) seats to this incredible destination that’s been on my bucket list?  I check every day and I still can’t find anything.  These points are worthless!

Typically I have a handful of suggestions for folks in these situations.  But, a lot of it boils down to putting in the work.  There are a few tools out there but very few are anywhere near comprehensive.  And, even some of the best tools may feel like they require advanced calculus skills to get what you want.

A couple friends of mine have started a new project that is poised to change that.  Adam and Tiffany both have vast amounts of experience booking the most ambitious award flights.  They bring that experience to, a new tool that recently launched. You can hear a lot more about the launch on this week’s Miles to Go podcast.

To celebrate their launch I’m giving away a few annual memberships to their award search tool. Disclaimer: as part of my day job, we invested in  While I don’t receive any compensation from if you sign-up, I may benefit financially in the long run.

Example Search

If you just want to skip to the giveaways, scroll down a bit further.  I did a quick search for one of the trips we’re planning this summer. found plenty of options.

Where I think sets themselves even further apart from the pack is the instructions on how to book these awards.  They are extremely easy to follow.

You can narrow the search down just to focus on programs you have points or miles in and the folks at have plenty more features on the horizon, such as alerts when there’s a bonus for one of your favorite program.

Win A Free Year Of

First up, the team was nice enough to give me 1,000 free codes to redeem for a day pass on their site.  If you navigate to and key in the code “MILESTOGO” for the free day pass you’ll be given 24 hours to search as many times as you want.  As I mentioned above, I don’t earn any affiliate income if you use my link.  However, that’s how we’re going to track folks and enter them in the drawings to win a free year of

There are 2 ways to be entered to win a free membership.  First, anyone who pays for a month of access using our link will be entered in a drawing to win a free year of (valued at $129).

If you don’t feel like paying, you can still have a chance to win a free year of  If you enter your e-mail address below, you’ll be subscribed to my mailing list and the mailing list (if you’re already on the Pizza In Motion list you can still enter your e-mail address, we won’t sign you up twice).

You can earn bonus entries if you follow me on Instagram and if you Tweet about the free passes.

Lastly, if you test out using one of the free codes and leave a comment on this blog post, we’ll add an extra entry for you.

Good luck!

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  1. I’m testing out the site using one of your free codes. I’m loving the connectivity with AwardWallet so I don’t have to manually key in every single loyalty program!

  2. Looks like a great tool, pleasantly not-so-surprised to hear your company invested in the [s]Artist Formerly Known As Prince[/s] company formerly known as Juicy Miles!

  3. Love it! This is a huge timesaver for me since I’m not as deeply embedded in all the award charts as the experts are.

  4. I tried it out a couple of days ago, its good. I know Amex also gives you free trial. Wish it came part of premium credit card like Venture X or Amex Gold.

  5. Loving this tool so far. And you get used to the wait time. Especially for a tool that really helps solve the biggest challenge that I’ve faced thus far in my points and miles journey…how to make sure your miles and points redemption is truly the best option for you!

  6. Echo the comments on award wallet integration with 2 clicks!!
    I’ve run a few searches, and I got the pop-up that the site is not functioning 100% as it’s being worked.
    I did find that when I sort results, sometimes it doesn’t update, or it still doesnt sort by quickest or lowest points.

    I love the explanation of all the different options…. and that it matches what you would actually need to transfer (For example: in 1,000 mile increments).

    I did a search out of ATL and then changed and did a search out of IAH… the first 4 results stayed the same… (a 2 stop journey on AA out of ATLANTA? even when I changed to IAH?). Also they stayed when I sorted by lowest miles and quickest trip. seemed odd, but I’ll keep playing with it. Really comprehensive so far!

  7. Really impressed this service! Some minor bugs as noted above around search results not updating consistently but I can live with that for now based on the awareness it provides to all of the points redemption options, amazing really.

    Here’s a question. I just spent about 2 days with ExpertFlyer trying to find the right flight segments on AA to apply Systemwide Upgrades because availability is so hard to find. Could I have instead used to do an award search on First/Business class and then used the AA award redemption routes listed to purchase an economy ticket and apply the SUP? I’m making the assumption that if shows AA award availability on certain dates & routes for Business class that also means a SUP could be used, is that a correct assumption?

    1. Lars, it may not necessarily be correct. doesn’t yet allow searches by fare class. You’re looking for A (3-cabin) or C inventory for SWU inventory. will pull up award inventory, which may or may not be A or C. It is on their development path to search for SWU and by fare class.

  8. Tested it out, looking at flights in Asia and Star Alliance award seemed to be less preferred. Flights in the US seem to search fine. It’s pretty handy and simple to navigate. I wish there was a way to filter connections by city.

  9. I tested out using one of the free codes! Leaving a comment here as instructed above. Very cool site! Will probably subscribe in the future – seems like a great resource to check to make sure I didn’t miss any good options.

  10. I’ve been trying out the site with one of the free codes. Leaving a comment here as instructed. It’s been great so far! I think I will end up subscribing later this year as the seems like a great resource to check all the possibilities when planning a trip.

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