Hyatt Speeds Up The Path To Elite Status With Their Credit Card

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Now that we’ve waded a bit deeper into the COVID-19 crisis, travel companies have started to figure out how to use their loyalty programs to influence customer behavior.  Delta was the first major airline to announce status extensions and other key benefits.  At the time, I thought they came out with an organized plan that was beneficial to customers.  I was curious if United and American would follow.

United took a different tact with their announcement.  It wasn’t as well organized as Delta’s.  But, it had some unique elements that may help them spur business later this year if restrictions on travel are relaxed.  They’re choosing to give customers status extensions and a path to higher status this year.  American followed suit with a unique offering of their own which I haven’t had a chance to cover yet.

Hotel chains were actually out ahead of the airlines with status extensions.  There, Hilton lead the way with generous status extensions into 2022.  Hyatt followed suit shortly thereafter with an equally generous offer, going just a bit further.  And, Marriott rounded out the pack.

Earn Hyatt Elite Status With Credit Card Spending

Hyatt has two offers right now that will help members earn elite status more quickly in 2020:

Beginning April 15 through June 30, 2020, World of Hyatt Credit Cardmembers can earn three tier-qualifying night credits toward the next tier status for every $5,000 spent on their card. That includes the two qualifying night credit Cardmembers already earn, plus one bonus night credit.

Also, from April 15 through June 30, 2020, legacy Hyatt Credit Cardmembers can earn two tier-qualifying night credits toward the next tier status for every $5,000 spent on their card.

Hyatt uses a system called “Milestone Rewards” that give members extra perks as they earn their way to elite status.  So, even if you might not hit Globalist in 2020 (I sure hope you do), there are free nights, suite upgrade awards and bonus points for hitting a new tier every 10 elite nights you earn.

The second offer involves folks who want to apply for the World of Hyatt Credit Card.  This also includes folks who have the original Hyatt Credit Card who upgrade to the World of Hyatt Credit Card:

Effective April 15, 2020 for a limited time, new World of Hyatt Cardmembers will automatically receive a total of 10 tier-qualifying night credits – that includes the five tier-qualifying night credits already received as a new Cardmember, plus five additional tier-qualifying night credits. To be eligible for this offer, new Cardmembers must apply for the World of Hyatt Credit Card by June 30, 2020.

I’ve thought that the World of Hyatt Credit Card offers enough value that it’s worth carrying over the original credit card.  But, if you were looking for a reason to upgrade, getting 10 nights instead of 5 (as well as whatever the current sign-up bonus is) may be enough to make it worth your while.

The Final Two Pennies

I like this move by Hyatt.  There’s not a lot of downside to offering it for them.  It does make Globalist easier to achieve this year, though you’d need to spend $85,000 on the World of Hyatt Credit Card between now and the end of June.  For some, that could be worth it.  I think you need to evaluate what else you could earn with that spending to be sure you’re getting the most value.  As a reminder, the World of Hyatt Credit Card offers 2 points per dollar on restaurants, airfare, fitness memberships and local transit along with Hyatt stays.

Should you put a bunch of spending on your World of Hyatt Credit Card right now?  If only we knew when we’d be able to travel more regularly.  Globalist status is by far my favorite hotel status.  If you’re not Globalist today and thought there was any shot you’ll have travel later in the year that you can steer Hyatt’s way, I think it could be worth focusing on hitting these $5,000 tiers between now and the end of June.  If you could hit $5,000 per month for the next 3 months, that’s 9 nights or about 15% of what you need to qualify for Globalist, all from the safety of your home.

Will you be spending your way to Hyatt Globalist status?

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