UGH: Blister Pops On Airplane Splashing Blood On Fellow Passengers

This isn’t normally the sort of thing I’d write a story on, but it got under my skin (ugh, no pun intended).  I guess I should say thanks to Dave M for sending this one my way, but I almost wonder if I would have preferred not to see it.

A passenger had a blister pop on a recent American Airlines flight, causing blood to splatter on the interior of the plane and her fellow passengers.  A radio talk show host gives us the play-by-play:

That picture just turns my stomach.  Mr. Slater gives us some perspective on how far the blood splattered, and how the crew handled the episode very appropriately:

The Final Two Pennies

I generally try not to think the worst, but I just can’t fathom how this happened unless it was at least somewhat intentional.  I don’t think a passenger tried to make a mess of his/her fellow passengers.  But, I don’t think this blister popped itself.  And, I can’t think of any reason why it would seem like a good idea to pop a blister around my fellow passengers.  We have plenty of things to complain about when it comes to airline customer service.  Let’s not forget to be decent to our fellow passengers as well.

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