The Best Anker Charging Gear For Travel And Home On Sale Today Only!

If you guys haven’t been following along, you might have missed that I’m kind of obsessed with Anker gear.  Whether it’s cables, batteries or chargers, I carry a bunch of gear in my backpack every week, and Anker’s name is plastered across a lot of it.  For my money, I haven’t found more reliable chargers, cables or batteries than the ones made by Anker. A bunch of Anker items are on sale on Amazon today.

Anker Gear On Sale On Amazon Today

2-pack of 3 ft Braided Lightning Cables for $16.49

*SIDE NOTE: My new favorite Anker cable is the one with a lifetime warranty!

MASSIVE 26,800 mAh battery for $79.99.  Charge your MacBook on the go!

60W, 6-port USB charging station for $20.59.  I use this in my office, suction taped to the edge of my desk.

USB-C to Lighting Cable for $11.99.  Goes pretty well with the battery above for faster charging of your iPhone.

Slim 10,000 mAh battery for $20.37.  Fits in your pocket, weighs less than half a pound.

Wireless Qi-Charger Stand with 2 USB ports for $31.99.  This is an improvement on the version I already use, with the added 2 USB ports.

20,000 mAh battery for $59.97.  If you’re looking for big power, but not the massive 26,800 mAh above.

*SIDE NOTE: Ever wonder how much an Anker battery will actually charge your phone or iPad?  I tested them.

Anker Power 10 Double Qi Wireless Charging Pad for $41.99

Anker 30W USB-C Compact Wall Charger for $29.99

Happy shopping!

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  1. Thanks Ed! Love all my Anker gear. After years of using Logitech iPad keypads, I have switched to Anker and very happy that I have.

    1. Paul, I haven’t used the Anker iPad keypads, always been a Logitech guy. You like? I tested one a while ago and gave it to my wife for her iPad since they didn’t have an iPad Pro version at that time.

  2. Great to see you posting regularly again, Ed. For some reason, I’d thought you’d gone to The Dark Side at TPG. I’ve bought a couple of Anker batteries at your suggestion, and have been happy with the product.

    1. Christian, it was a heck of a summer. Not complaining, per se. But, I was way over scheduled. Since the kids got out of school in mid-June, we did 41 days of family travel. When we weren’t on the road as a family, I was on the road for work. It just made it very difficult to get into a rhythm. I hope that part is past and I can start bringing regular content to you guys!

      1. 41 days? Good for you. Priorities, after all. Heck, I can barely read blogs on some trips, so writing must be a lot rougher.

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