Hey, Frequent Travelers! I Think You’re Going To Like This….

I love it when I can combine two of my passions, travel and charity, together.  Today, I get to do that. One of the most valuable perks for frequent travelers are upgrades on long overseas flights.  If you’re a top-tier elite member of an airline loyalty program, you’ll sometimes receive a handful of certificates that you can use to upgrade those longer flights.

United Airlines’ version of these are Global Premier Upgrades.  As a general rule, you can use these to upgrade any flight on United Airlines metal (and a few other airlines in specific situations) to the next class of service.  For example, pay for an economy class ticket and get upgraded to business class.  You’ll need a specific type of space available to clear an upgrade, and in the case of United, you need to purchase a specific fare class (or higher).

I have 4 United Airlines Global Premier Upgrades that I’ll be adding to the list of prizes for the charity fundraiser our family is doing this week.  Plenty more details to come, but here’s what you need to know for now:

  1. These will likely be auctioned off, starting tonight or tomorrow.
  2. The auction will run through the end of this week.
  3. Auction winners will be donating directly to Pelotonia. This should help for tax purposes and if your employer matches charitable donations.
  4. I’ve cleared this with United.  These will be included in with some packages I’m finalizing.
  5. I’d really appreciate it if you would donate to our charity fundraiser.  Give until it hurts!  Okay, maybe not that much.  But, please give.

Stay Tuned….

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