Did the Internet Find Images of United Airlines’ New Livery?

I’m a sucker for a good airplane paint job.  Or, lack thereof, since American Airlines’ iconic polished aluminum look that graced the skies for the past couple of decades is still one of my favorites.  There haven’t been a ton of liveries featured by US carriers that bring much in the way of excitement.  Southwest Airlines’ new livery was mostly good until you consider the heart on the underbelly, which I truly love.  Their special paint jobs featuring various states are among my favorites.

United Airlines has started to go through a rebranding process.  We’ve seen a new sneak peeks at uniform colors and electronic boarding passes, but nothing major.  Now, David H shares with me a website that might have images of the new United livery.

I can’t tell if I like the design or not.  One of the first things I noted was that the tail design extends to the fuselage of the plane.  That gives it a decidedly different look than most “tail art”.  I like it more than Lufthansa’s recent changes to their livery, but I found the old Lufthansa gold bird design very iconic, whereas the United livery doesn’t strike me as overly compelling.

We don’t know for certain whether this design firm has been contracted by United and if these images are even finalists.  But, they are interesting enough to spend a few minutes thinking about.  I’ve reached out to the designer in question to see if they’ve been contracted by United for this project.  I’ll report back with an answer when I hear something.

How do you feel about this as the potential new United Airlines livery?

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  1. I hope this never becomes a new United livery. Whatever you can say about this airline, you can accuse them of poor customer service, inability to handle the overbooking properly, United “breaking guitars” etc but this airline remains one of the very few airlines which still have great classic and timeless livery and this should never be changed. This daub is as disastrous as the new Lufthansa “livery”.

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