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If you’ve followed my blog and the Miles To Go podcast, you’ve probably heard Jen from Deals We Like on the show.  She’s on with me just about every week sharing new deals that can help save you lots of money when you travel.  She reached out to me about a week ago with a suggestion that turned out to be a ton of fun.

My guest this week on the NowBoarding Podcast is Adam Yellin, Jen’s husband.  This episode is easily one of my favorites.  Each week, the NowBoarding Podcast sits down with a Boarding Area blogger for 30 minutes to dig deeper into their world.  We talk about their travel preferences, favorite (and sometimes least favorite) travel companies and mix in a bit of humor about the crazy world of miles and points that we call home.

In Episode number 31 we catch up with Adam (Mr. Deals) while he’s at home, away from the grind of business travel.  The episode takes a sharp left-hand turn when Jen starts texting me hilarious stories about Mr. Deals dropping the ball on maximizing miles.  The stories just kept coming, but the episode did finally have to come to an end.  Still, it was a ton of fun.

Adam was a great sport and I truly hope he starts writing more on Deals We Like.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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