My Favorite Anker Travel Tech On Sale For Cyber Monday

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Most of the first chunk of deals I found are lightning deals, so I’m posting this with a partial list and adding on the fly so you don’t miss out.  Some of these are filling quickly!  Keep an eye on the post for more goodies in the next few minutes.  Refresh often!

There’s a whole lot of Anker gear on sale for Cyber Monday.  I’m going to organize them in list format below with comments on price relative to my recollection from the past year.

Anker Cyber Monday Deals

Anker 13000 mAh battery for $28.59 (low as $26 this year): This is a bit bigger than the 10000 mAh I normally travel with, but smaller than the real big guys. And, it has the added plus of being able to charge two devices at one time.  Based on my tests of other Anker batteries, you should get 4-5 full charges of an iPhone from this battery.  NOTE: Only the black version is on sale.  The white one is quite a bit more.

Anker 5000 mAH Charger/Plug for $17.99 (lowest price I’ve seen this year): Lightning deal that’s almost filled up.  I love this product, carry one in my bag as we speak.  I wish it had 3 USB outlets, but other than that it’s perfect.  Doubles as a battery and a plug for travel needs.

Anker 6ft Braided Lightning Cables for $12.19 (lowest price I’ve seen this year): Lightning deal as well.  Filling up quickly.  My go-to cable.  Never had one fail.

Anker Bluetooth Portable Speaker for $20.79 (lowest price I’ve seen this year): Lightning deal.  Good, cheap portable sound.  Black is the only color on sale.

Anker 6-port USB Hub for $18.71 (lowest price I’ve seen this year): These are all lightning deals.  Hurry up if you’re interested!

Anker/Zolo Wireless Earbuds for $99.99 (lowest price I’ve seen this year):  Lightning deal.  I have a set of these.  I really like them.  I come up just short of “love” but they’re also a lot cheaper than similar products on the market.

Anker 3-pack of Lightning Cables 3ft/6ft/10ft for $19.99: If you’re looking for durable, slightly cheaper cables from Anker, this is a good deal for 3 cables of these sizes.

Anker USB-C/USB 5-port Wall Charger for $35.99 (lowest price I’ve seen this year): If you have one of the new MacBook Pro computers, this has one 30W USB-C port and 4 standard USB ports. Perfect to charge all your devices at your desk.

Anker Rechargeable Flashlight for $15.96 (don’t recall ever seeing this low a price, but there is one report from May of $12.99 I found): Lightning deal.  Batteries last forever on these flashlights.  Not a huge discount today, but the lowest price I’ve seen.

Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 mAh Battery for $19.99 (has dipped as low as $17.99): Lightning deal.  This is a good price for this specific battery if you really need the slimmest battery out there.  For a few bucks more, though, I’d choose….

Anker 10000 mAh Battery for $24.32 (lowest price I’ve seen this year): Also a lightning deal.  Twice the battery for a few bucks more.  A few ounces more and fits in your pocket.

My favorite batter is NOT on sale, but the 10000 mAh slim is it.  Slim profile, fits in my pocket fine and charges my iPhone at least 3 times.  Hold out for a better price.

Don’t forget to check your Amazon account to see if you’re targeted for this awesome 20% discount or the slightly less awesome $15 discount.

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