Harry Potter Is Hanging Out At Singapore Airport

Singapore’s Changi airport was probably already the coolest in the world.  Now, they’ve insanely upped their game by transforming the airport into Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, with a side of Fantastic Beasts.  My kids will tell you I’m a muggle of the highest order, but even I’m impressed by the images at Changi.


According to The Points Guy, Changi Airport will be celebrating Harry Potter until mid-February.  Visitors can enjoy a trip to Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade Village, the Whomping Willow and Newt’s Menagerie.

The Final Two Pennies

Even this muggle is a bit amazed by the pictures. Changi Airport already has the coolest airport feature ever, a 3-story slide.  The Harry Potter takeover raises it to a whole new level.  I’ve never been to Singapore.  Am I really crazy enough to fly my family almost 20 hours in a plane for a long weekend just to see this?  That might be a rhetorical question, but my kids are torn.  Both kids’ eyes lit up with the pictures.  Our daughter, who’s 12, questions the sensibility of a 4-day trip just to see an airport.  She might be right, but it would be kinda cool!


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