Hong Kong Airlines Is Honoring Those Incredible Business Class Fares To Asia!

Maybe you missed it a few days ago, but there were some incredible business class fares to Asia.  These were really some of the best fares I can recall for a business class ticket.  Heck, these were good prices for economy class.  We’ve had a handful of fares this good over the past year.  In almost every case I remember, the airlines ended up not honoring the fares.  This usually resulted in some bad press for the airlines, though they seemed to choose profit over PR.

Hong Kong Airlines Says They’ll Honor The Fares

I’ll admit, I was a little surprised that Hong Kong Airlines said they’d honor these fares.  When they did, they chose the exact right way to do it. They were light-hearted and they made it pretty public:

I generally shy way from the words always and never.  And yet, I never understand why airlines choose not to honor these mistake fares.  In many cases, the tickets sold in these sales aren’t displacing paying passengers.  I highly doubt Hong Kong Airlines sells every single seat on every single flight out of LAX in business class.  So, the opportunity cost is somewhere between $0 and whatever Hong Kong Airlines normally gets for a paid business class seat.  It’s unclear how much money Hong Kong Airlines is making right now, but I doubt that this mistake fare will make a meaningful dent on profitability.

The Final Two Pennies

I’m betting there are a fair number of my fellow travel bloggers that booked these fares on Hong Kong Airlines.  That means there’s bound to be a bunch of reviews written on Hong Kong Airlines’ business class product, including the new one that they’re bringing to LAX in September.  That has to have value to an airline.  And, they’re getting a reasonable amount of good PR from stories like this one across those same bloggers.  I understand I carry a bit of bias here, but I really do think this was the right move for Hong Kong Airlines.

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