CHEAP FLIGHT ALERT: East AND West Coast To London And Paris From $263!

Cheap flights sleep for no man or woman.  I woke up this morning and started getting my kids ready for school.  While I was doing so, I noticed a Tweet that many of my West Coast readers may be interested in:

The West Coast doesn’t get nearly the same cheap fare love as the rest of the country.  Any time I see deals from places like San Francisco I try to share them.  So, for those who complain to me periodically about the lack of cheap flights from the West Coast, this fare sale is for you!

Gilbert outlines a number of cheap itineraries on his website.  As he points out, some of these deals come with seating assignments and full-size carry-on bags.  That isn’t always the case anymore with cheap flights on many carriers.

I poked around a bit and found one week-long itinerary (that seems to be the requirement for this fare) that also includes an extra day to explore Iceland:

The Final Two Pennies

I wouldn’t sleep on fares like this.  I always stress that you shouldn’t look at any fare sale as “San Francisco to London”.  Rather, it’s from the US To Europe, and you can use miles or other cheap flights to build a great vacation.  It’s pretty easy to find a cheap flight there for positioning on something like this.

Since these flights originate in the US, you’ll have 24 hours after you book to cancel these flights and receive a full refund.  That means if you’re on the fence you should probably book something and then cancel within 24 hours if you decide not to take the trip.  With prices this low, I wouldn’t expect them to be around forever!

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  1. Your statement is simply untrue and shows your bias for Europe over other parts of the world. Fares to Asia from the West Coast to Asia are dirt-cheap and consistently cheaper than from the East Coast, especially to China.

    1. Daniel, your comment about cheap fares to Asia from the West Coast may be true. However, I was referring to folks who consistently reach out to me asking why there aren’t more cheap fares from the West Coast To Europe.

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