Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge Review, Doha Airport

In case you’re just joining us, here’s what I’ve covered so far on my trip to Djibouti for a UNICEF relief delivery:

Our group needed to clear security upon arrival, which took very little time.  After that, we were in a very large, cosmopolitan terminal.  There were plenty of “Western” influences.  Think Gucci, Hermes, and even a Harrod’s coming soon (might be open now).  And, the big bear.

The Al Mourjan Business lounge is the preferred lounge for folks traveling in business class.  There’s a lesser lounge I visited with one of our group who didn’t have access to Al Mourjan.  It was small, sufficient.  Showers, food, comfortable seating.  But, where you really want to hang out is Al Mourjan.  The lounge is massive, maybe the largest I’ve been in.  Heck, the large water feature in the main hall is bigger than some lounges I’ve been in.  On top of being massive, the lounge is truly stunning.

Once I got past the counter I wasn’t entirely sure where to go.  The high ceilings and long central hall are quite wonderful.  There’s a bit of a map to help guide you.  You’ll also find a baggage room where you can store your suitcase if you don’t want to lug it around.  Locks will secure your bags.  I chose to wander around.

The central hall contains a number of different types of seating.  There’s more traditional lounge seating complete with some tablets for entertainment/flight options.  Some more comfortable seating sits in the middle of the hall.  There are also a few beverage stations, including specialty coffee machines with freshly ground beans.


There are two main dining areas.  Up the grand staircase is the larger of the two food spreads.  As you head way from the grand staircase, you’ll find a brighter, more casual dining area.  Behind a set of glass doors, the room is brighter than the central hall.  A variety of seating gives you access to the modified a la carte menu and a small self-service area.

I visited the main dining room upstairs after a la carte area on the main floor.  The larger area upstairs consisted of a well-stocked buffet along with an equally well-stocked bar.  If you don’t mind a potential crowd (not a ton of seating upstairs) there’s a bigger variety of food.

Family & Quiet Areas

Off to the side of the downstairs dining area you’ll find a family area.  This section consists of semi-private rooms to watch TV and lounge as a group.  In the opposite direction, you’ll find a quiet room and shower area.  All the showers were occupied during my layover so I couldn’t snag a picture.  Matthew Klint’s excellent pictorial review captured a few if you’re interested.

Quiet Room

There’s a pretty impressive game room for the kids.  I wish my kids had been with me to hop in the race car!

Directly across the center hall and through some glass doors you’ll find the business center.  If you venture just a bit further in that direction, you’ll also find a number of other quiet rooms that were completely deserted during my visit.  They’re a bit brighter, so you might need an eye mask if you’re looking to take a nap.

Another relaxing hiding spot is behind the baggage room in the corner of the lounge.  There are a now of pods with lounge chairs lining the wall.  Not a single person was in that room during my visit.

The Final Two Pennies

This is truly one of the most beautiful lounges I’ve ever been in.  Lounges aren’t what “makes” the travel experience for me, but I do appreciate the chance to escape a crowded terminal.  If you do like a great lounge, you won’t be disappointed here.  Heck, even if you don’t really care about lounges, Al Mourjan is sure to impress!

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