New ‘Toy Story’ Themed A330 for China Eastern

Disney is really stepping it up with a lot of new parks and additions to existing lands. With the new Pixar Place in Orlando and plans for additional locations including Shanghai Disney Resort, it’s only fitting that a partnership launch with some creative livery. Here are some of the photos of the new Toy Story Themed A330 courtesy of the China Eastern Facebook page:


Toy Story Themed A380

Toy Story Themed A380

Why I Love the Idea of a Toy Story Themed A330

The Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios in Orlando is my favorite ride to go on with the kids.  After years of riding it we’ve found some of the secret targets to guarantee a high score. While I don’t think I’ll be flying on this plane anytime soon, it certainly has me looking forward to our next trip to WDW and the opening of the new Pixar Place!  And, I wouldn’t rule out a trip to China….

We’ve seen ANA with a Star Wars livery and now this partnership. Disney has a history of partnerships with airlines (good and bad) so it makes you wonder if any of the U.S. carriers will jump on the bandwagon next?

How Do You Track Special Liveries?

For those that are curious how to track special liveries, this is a great start to understanding what information you want to know before you begin. More often than not, there’s more going on than just a fancy paint job. Some of you might remember that I had the chance to participate in a special mission trip as part of the Norwegian Air partnership with UNICEF.

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