40% Off Sale On One Of My Favorite Suitcases!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love Briggs & Riley luggage.  They don’t pay me any money or ask for my endorsement.  I just love the quality of their products.

All Briggs & Riley suitcases come with a true lifetime warranty.  If anything at all happens to your bag, bring it to a repair center or ship it to them.  No matter who broke it (or how) they’ll fix it for free.  If they can’t fix it, they’ll give you a new suitcase.  I have one Briggs bag that has well over 1 million miles on it.  I’m probably closing in on 1.5 million miles on the road with it.  I’ve had it in for two repairs, one of which I caused.  In both cases, they went above and beyond to repair my suitcase, fixing a few small things I didn’t notice.  And, I can assure you my suitcases take one heck of a beating.  

Yes, My Briggs Holds Two Kids!

The Torq line of suitcases are hardside suitcases as opposed to the ballistic nylon one I favor.  I do have a hardside bag from Briggs as well that I use for shorter trips.

Right now, Amazon has the larger sized 29″ Torq bag on sale for as cheap as $339.  The bag normally retails for $569.

Usually, sales like this only feature one color.  But, the other Torq colors are only $5 more.  No idea how long the sale will last.

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