Travel Deals Are Back With Daily Getaways

The best strategy for maximizing miles and points for travel isn’t really a single strategy.  It’s a toolbox that you fill with all kinds of useful things.  That toolbox is where Daily Getaways fit in.

Daily Getaways is exactly what it sounds like, a collection of deals released on a daily basis “Groupon Style”.  While the individual Daily Getaways deals aren’t as lucrative anymore, there are gems to be found.  This year’s deals start next week.  The first two weeks of previews are up on their website:

What Looks Good?

I’ve got 3 things I’m keeping an eye on:

Universal Studios Hollywood tickets with express pass: As long as the blackout dates work out for you, I think these are a pretty good value.  I need to dig in a bit more, but I learned the hard way Universal tickets in Orlando are pretty darn expensive.   I’ll dig into Hollywood and update folks.

$30 Daily Rentals With Avis: I’ve taken advantage of these before.  They’re pretty flexible.  They can be chained together for a longer reservation.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points: Hertz isn’t quite as valuable for points redemptions as they used to be.  But, there’s tons of value in one-way rentals.  $280 for a weekly one-way rental is a screaming good deal.

The (Not Yet) Final Two Pennies

Not all Daily Getaways are created equally.  But, there’s nuggets of value here and there.  I’ll delve into more detail as we get closer to these deals launching.  Chances are, if you see value in one of these deals, lots of other folks will as well.  If you’re interested, be ready to purchase right when they go on sale each day.  I’ll do my best to remind folks through social media.

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