Awesome AVGeek Photo: 8 Hours Of Airplanes Landing!

Mike Kelley is a legit photographer.  Turns out, he also likes photographing planes, which is a darn good thing for people like me.  He’s put together some awesome image collections that I didn’t really know were his specifically.  I’ve seen them before and marveled at them.  But, the setting here (Vancouver) makes this one even more special.  Thanks to my friend Paul for sending a recent one along:

YVR Mike Kelley

Before we go too much further, you can find Mike’s other images on his website.  His Instagram account is a must follow if you’re an aviation geek like me.

Paul saw the image on Reddit and reached out to me.  According to Mike, he’d been targeting Vancouver Airport (which is such a beautiful area) for quite some time.  He had to deal with some weather to get a clear day.  He positioned a camera on the rooftop of a building near the landing path.  Then, he started taking pictures.  8 hours later he had photographed every landing during that time period.

As he notes, a serious amount of post-production time later, he had an awesome image.  I counted at least 24 different airlines featured in the image.  And, a whole slew of plane types.  All hanging out over one of the more picturesque urban airports in the world.

The Final Two Pennies

I reached out to Mike and he was nice enough to let me use the image in a blog post.  I’m very thankful to him for letting me repost it here.  I hope you’ll take a minute to check out his website.  The rest of his images are just as awesome.

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