CHEAP $89 One-Way Flights To Ireland From New York And Boston(ish)!

I love all the cheap flights that keep popping up.  It makes traveling the world approachable for so many people.

Right now Norwegian has $89 one-way flights from Stewart airport in New York and Providence TF Green Airport.  For anyone who’s ever looked at a map, you’ll know why I said “Boston (Ish)” above.  It’s not a short drive from Boston to TF Green airport, which is actually a bit further South of Providence.

Norwegian has been growing like crazy.  The addition of the 737 MAX plane to their lineup makes these trans-Atlantic flights much more affordable to operate.  Norwegian actually has a pretty decent premium cabin at a great price point.  You’re unlikely to find it on these routes anytime soon, since they don’t plan on a premium cabin in the 737 MAX as far as I know.

The Final Two Pennies

Return flights will probably cost you a bit more money, but you may be able to use points or miles for your return, even from another city in Europe.

I always stress that you shouldn’t look at any fare sale as “New York to Dublin”.  Rather, it’s from the US To Europe, and you can use miles or other cheap flights to build a great vacation.  It’s pretty easy to find a cheap flight there for positioning on something like this.

Since these flights originate in the US, you’ll have 24 hours after you book to cancel these flights and receive a full refund.  That means if you’re on the fence you should probably book something and then cancel within 24 hours if you decide not to take the trip.  With prices this low, wouldn’t expect them to even be available through the end of the sale!

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