Cheap Flights To China In Premium Economy, NRA Travel Discounts No More And Double Points For Online Shopping This Weekend

Cheap Flight of the Day:

Want to fly to China but can’t afford business class?  There’s a pretty darn good sale for Premium Economy on Delta right now.  You get to ride the new Airbus A350 and settle into a brand new seat, all for roughly the price of a coach ticket.  Here’s a review of the new Premium Economy product.

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Hyatt is pretty active with promos right now.  Make sure you register for both Night after Night and the double dip of 1,000 AAdvantage miles on Hyatt Place and Hyatt House bookings.

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How to match your MGM M Life status to Hyatt Explorist.

Airlines have been part of the recent wave of companies giving their employees $1,000 bonuses due to recent tax legislation.  I was in the room when American Airlines’ CEO Doug Parker said he thought they would never lose money again.  Now, a collection of over 80 members of Congress are reminding Doug Parker of those words as they call for the airline to pay employees more.  The tug of war continues between management and employees in the airline industry.  Doug’s words are probably going to be brought up for years decades to come.

Did Wyndham change their promotion AFTER it started and forget to notify customers?

Have you been watching travel companies yank NRA discounts faster than my kids say yes to ice cream?  View From The Wing and Wandering Aramean have posted about it and there are hundreds of Tweets floating around.  It amazes me how quickly the tide can change nowadays with social activism.

Double points on British Airways Avios shopping portal this weekend.  Good deals!

Anbang, the Chinese company that almost ended up buying Starwood before Marriott snatched them up, has been seized by insurance regulators. Maybe the writing was on the wall for this when they backed out of the Starwood bidding war so swiftly.

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  1. I will assume all those signatures were Demorats. One had the flight crew steal a woman paid seat, so she could act like a primma donna. Another shook down the Feds to ensure work for his associates. He is also accuse if ripping off his own church. They should go back to foaming at the mouth and voting to impeach POTUS.

    Now my local airport, controlled by the City of St. Louis progressives, goes beyond that living wages and other demands. Businesses wanting to provide services must agree to prevailing wages with benefits. Also minority and women businesses are favored. I checked out the qualified ‘favor’ list and was shocked how some businesses are working out of a PO Box.

  2. MDE’s with PO Boxes are not limited to the specific “favor” list you wrote of. Fairly standard operating procedure for many industries that have such MBE lists.

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