ACT QUICKLY: Unbelievable Cheap Flights To New Zealand From Tons Of US Cities

There are unbelievable deals right now for flights to New Zealand.  The big deal here is that it covers so many different cities.  There are a couple different things to report on here:

The Flight Deal has information on $340 round-trip pricing to New Zealand.  They are a reliable source of information that I’ve come to trust over the last few years when it comes to flight deals.  These look like a combination of United and Air New Zealand.

Airfare Spot, another site that tracks flight deals is showing $239 round-trip.  I haven’t had time to research that these prices are valid like the $340 Flight Deal offer.

Should You Book?

If New Zealand is on your radar, you should jump on this!  Heck, if Australia is on your bucket list, it should be relatively easy to get to Australia with a separate ticket.  Fares this cheap really could be a mistake.  What does that mean?

Mistake fares pop up occasionally when the airlines make a pricing error.  There have been mixed results on airlines honoring these fares.  On the “reasonability” level, this one strikes me as likely to be honored if it’s a mistake.  It’s not premium cabin space and probably covers the fuel surcharges the airlines frequently layer on international tickets.

The key is to wait at least a few days before booking any non-refundable travel as part of these fares.  Hotels, excursions, etc.

Since these flights originate in the US, you’ll have 24 hours after you book to cancel these flights and receive a full refund.  That means if you’re on the fence you should probably book something and then cancel within 24 hours if you decide not to take the trip.  With prices this low, I don’t expect them to last much longer!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Not ticketed yet, but booked through smart fares (via Momondo). Anyone ticketed and able to see what fare class this is under?

    1. Mine booked in L (just ORD to LAX is W). That is 50% of miles for United or Singapore. Per United my flight will get me 6,740 award miles.

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