Amazon Go, A Store With No Cashiers, Opens Today!

Even though I may not keep up on every new tech trend, I’m a tech geek at heart.  I love seeing smart people use computers to solve problems.  That’s what Amazon is trying to do today with their new Amazon Go store concept.  I’m definitely intrigued.

What’s Amazon Go?

Here’s a New York Times article that goes into much more detail if you’re interested.  Want the short version?  Download an app on your smart phone.  Use that app to gain access to a grocery store.  Grab whatever you want from the shelves and put it in a bag (or don’t).  Walk out.  Amazon will charge you for whatever you take with you.

I’m utterly fascinated by the technology.  Interestingly, Amazon has been really quiet about whether the first location is a test before a larger roll-out, or just a one-off.   That’s frustrating.  I’d love to know that someone was trying to do this on a larger scale.

For now, you’ll have to visit the one store in Seattle if you want to experience it.  I don’t have any trips to Seattle anytime soon, so if you’re planning to go please let me know.  If you’re willing to do a guest post/take some video or pictures, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee or 3!

Amazon put together a YouTube video that illustrates the concept, just in case I’m not making sense:

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