Aviation Geek Fun With My Kids, And We Didn’t Even Have To Leave The House!

When we decided to have kids, I had no idea what to expect.  There were the obvious questions about whether they would be healthy, or would I be a good father?  As a parent, you quickly realize that healthy is the most important thing.  Everything else is just gravy.

As my kids got older, I started to wonder if they would love the same things I did.  Would they like sports?  How about travel?  Boy, wouldn’t it be a bummer if they didn’t like traveling?  I never really considered that early on, just happy to have healthy children.

It turns out my kids do like to travel.  There’s been some bumps and bruises with Cat’s anxiety and Charlie having a slight bit of motion sickness here and there.  Other than that, they love exploring the world.  And, they love toys.  What kid doesn’t?  They especially love Lego.

When my friend Mike sent a Christmas gift recently, I was really excited to see how things unfolded with my kids.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  They’re kids.  That means they lose focus easily, frequently leaving messes for their parents to clean up.  They frequently have short attention spans.  I feel like I was justified when I was a bit skeptical that they would build the 600+ piece Lego airport set.

Thankful Or Regretting Letting The Kids Open This Gift Early?

It was December 23rd and there were plenty of chores to get done before Christmas.  While I love putting together Legos, I would have preferred to hold this little adventure until after Christmas when life slowed down just a bit.  The kids were bound and determined.

“Daddy, we promise we’ll finish it!”  Famous last words.

And, then, they did!

When I say I barely touched the set, I mean it.  They needed help once or twice when things went a bit off the page.  Once back on track, they churned through and built the airport in record time.  And, they cooperated.  If you don’t have kids, that might not seem like a big deal.  But, cooperation is a major weak point for our darling children.

I got my biggest laugh from Charlie, who decided the security guard needed to be stuffed in the trash can.  He’s only 6 and he already wants to rough up the TSA officers. Patience, Charlie!

That Trash Can Doesn’t Look Very Comfortable!

Cat and Charlie’s biggest fascination?  The “real” toilet in the back of the plane.  Cat even dropped some blue Legos from the sky pretending they were “blue ice”.

Pilot Is, Ahem, Taking A Break Before They Put The Roof On

The Final Two Pennies

Kids are full of surprises.  Those surprises tend to be equally balanced between wonderful and frustrating.  In this case, I had a fun AVGeek moment watching my kids crank out an airport.  It was even more fun because they did it themselves.  There wasn’t a lot of sleep for mom and dad between the 23rd and Christmas morning.  But there were certainly two happy children!

Ready For Takeoff!

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  1. Love it! Hopefully Augustine will also like Legos and finish what he starts! Also love the toilet on the aircraft.

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