Woman Misses Her Flight, Creates Hilarious Video Dancing With Airline Employees!

I really thought this was a cute story.  A woman got stuck at Charlotte International Airport and, surprisingly, made the best of it.  It always seems like we hear the opposite nowadays.

Anyway, here’s her video, then a bit more about her story:

Now, it’s entirely possible that this was all staged and I’m a sucker.  But, it doesn’t feel that way.  I saw this on the AA Twitter feed yesterday and sorta read through it backwards.  It looks like she made the video on her own and then, well, the internet took over.  The video is now on its way to 3 million views on YouTube.

I have to admit, the first thing I thought was, “Gee, I wonder if those employees got in trouble.”  Airlines aren’t known for having the best sense of humor.  Turns out on this one AA had a great sense of humor.  I watched this video first and then went back and found the original YouTube video, which made much more sense:

The Final Two Pennies

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for AA.  My dad flew them for years, and I’ve accrued over 3 million status miles with AA.  So, maybe you guys will accuse me of being biased.  But, I just can’t imagine a world where United would do something like this.  Kudos to AA for having some fun with this!

And, big kudos to Ms. Mazooji for putting a smile on my face (and almost 3 million others)!

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  1. It’s actually staged – they’ve been putting a ton of behind the scenes footage on their Instagram story. Was fun to see actually.

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