Big Sale! Almost 50% Off Today On Some Of My Favorite Luggage!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love Briggs & Riley luggage.  They don’t pay me any money or ask for my endorsement.  I just love the quality of their products.

All Briggs & Riley suitcases come with a true lifetime warranty.  If anything at all happens to your bag, bring it to a repair center or ship it to them.  No matter who broke it (or how) they’ll fix it for free.  If they can’t fix it, they’ll give you a new suitcase.  I have one Briggs bag that has well over 1 million miles on it.  I’m probably closing in on 1.5 million miles on the road with it.  I’ve had it in for two repairs, one of which I caused.  In both cases, they went above and beyond to repair my suitcase, fixing a few small things I didn’t notice.  And, I can assure you my suitcases take one heck of a beating.  

50% Off Briggs & Riley

Yes, My Briggs Holds Two Kids!

Amazon has 3 Briggs & Riley suitcases as “Deals of the Day”.  Unlike some Amazon luggage sales, all available colors are discounted.

Torq Hardside 21″ Spinner For $241.50

50% Off Briggs & Riley

I gave away two of these suitcases when they released this suitcase a few years ago.  The folks that won the suitcases absolutely love them.  This is a durable carry-on suitcase that normally retails for over $400. I honestly can’t recall if I’ve ever seen a price this low on the Torq.

Torq Hardside 26″ Spinner For $290.95

50% Off Briggs & Riley

The 26″ spinner generally retails for $529.  Again, this bag comes with a lifetime warranty.  All the Torq suitcases are durable, hard-sided luggage.

Torq Hardside 29″ Spinner For $312.95

50% Off Briggs & Riley

The 29″ Hardside spinner normally retails for $569.  I really think I could get a year’s worth of clothing in a 29″ suitcase.  It’s unfathomably big to me.  But, some folks really like traveling with suitcases this big.

The Final Two Pennies

While I wish all Briggs & Riley luggage was on sale today, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a sale on the Torq line.  These are phenomenal discounts for Briggs & Riley suitcases, which are rarely discounted.  And, with Amazon’s fabulous return policy, you can return it for free if you change your mind.  Don’t wait!  The sale only goes for roughly another 16 hours.

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