A Clarification On The New World of Hyatt Promo

I’ve had a whole bunch of people comment or reach out with a question regarding the new World of Hyatt promo.  Considering the number of folks I’ve heard from, I though it would be most effective to put up a new post.  There are bound to be more folks with the same question I haven’t heard from.

Call it good or bad timing, but at the same time Hyatt launched the current double points promo they also were marketing double points rates on the front page of their website.  It was prominent branding I don’t recall seeing.  The result?  Some folks thought that the double points rates were the same thing as the promo.  Others wanted to know how the earning would work if they were registered for the promo and booked a double points rate.

The Official Answer From Hyatt:

The Double Your Points rate is available at participating Hyatt hotels and resorts. Under this rate, members earn double World of Hyatt points on the room rate and eligible incidental charges.  This rate can be found on the rates page on participating hotels’ pages on Hyatt.com.

The Double Points offer that launched this week is a promotion valid for a limited time awarding registered members double points when they book on Hyatt.com or the World of Hyatt app and complete an Eligible Stay between November 15 and December 31, 2017.  Registration and more information about this offer is available here.

If someone is registered for the Double Points offer and books the Double Your Points rate during the stay period, the member will receive double points for the Double Your Points rate (Base Points are doubled) and double points for the promotion (again Base Points are doubled). For example, if a member pays $100 for the Double Your Points rate, she will earn 500 Base Points ($100 x 5 points per dollar) plus 500 Bonus Points. If she pays this rate during the Double Points promotion, she will earn an additional 500 Bonus Points (doubling the 500 Base Points earned for the $100 rate) for a total of 1,500 points.

Room Rate Base Points Earned Bonus Points Awarded under the Double Your Rate Bonus Points Awarded under the Double Points promotion Total Points to the Member
$100 500 500 500 1,500
The Final Two Pennies

This is exactly what I suspected.  The Double Points promo is separate from double points rates.  And, neither the promo nor the rate double the other.  Put another way, someone registered for the promo who stays on a double points rate will earn 15 points per dollar of eligible spend.

I appreciate Hyatt providing the clarification and the example so readers know exactly what to expect.

Any other questions on the Hyatt promo?

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  1. So if we had already made a normal reservation through the website before the promo started and then registered for the double points, would we have to go back and rebook? Or would those stays count? We have a couple of stays in Dec booked months ago.

  2. I can tell Chelle V that from my experience they would not have to rebook. They will get double points.

    Interesting: the timing and short duration of this promotion. I think that the World of Hyatt folks might have realized that people like me sitting on 59 nights are avoiding getting that last night until the last moment. This will avoid the start of the super short 120 day duration of the award stay.

    That short duration is working against Hyatt and is another example of them not thinking through the effects of the new program.

    1. Diamond Dave, I have a slightly different take on the late announcement. I don’t think there was anyone authorized to execute things like this in the absence of Jeff. Now that they have a team leader again (and an elevation of loyalty overall with Vondrasek) it makes some sense they’d put out a promo, if only to signal to folks that they weren’t foregoing promos for next year.

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