Putting My Blog, Er, My Money Where My Mouth Is. Go Yankees!

As a life-long Yankees fan, I’m super excited that they beat the Indians Wednesday night in the American League Division Series.

Now, they face the Houston Astros, one of the best teams in baseball.

I decided to make a bet with fellow blogger (and Houston Astros fan) Summer, who writes Mommy Points.  She made some comment about liking the Yankees as well. But, we all know, in matters as important as this, one must pick sides

So, we have a bet.

If the Yankees win the ALCS, Summer has to get dressed up in Yankees gear and publish it on her blog and mine, as well as the appropriate social media accounts.


If the Astros win the ALCS, I’ll be donning Astros gear for the same.

I don’t intend on wearing that much orange anytime soon.  The Astros are a great team. But, the Yankees proved against the Indians that they’re a tough team to eliminate.

The only question left is who’s side are you on?

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  1. It makes no difference who will win the ALCS, they will just lose to the Cubs. It has been 345 days since the Cubs last won the World Series, enough is enough, no more waiting until next year

  2. This Mets fan never likes to see the Yankees make it far in the playoffs, and it’s been a nice eight years of relative quiet from my obnoxious Yankees friends. Staying neutral on this one. #LetsGoMets

      1. @PizzaInMotion Like most other Mets fans, I always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. I disavowed the Madoff Mets in the late 2000s, and only recently came back. After moving to NW Arkansas, I switched allegiances to Kansas CIty, including their local double-A team here. The World Series of 2015 was great and terrible at the same time!

        Good luck in the pennant series back at home!

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