Product Review: Yubi Power Travel Power Strip

For years I carried a Monster power strip around with me in my backpack.  It served me well, but alas they stopped making that particular power strip.

Why Do I Carry A Power Strip?

A couple of reasons.  First, many of the hotels I stay in haven’t updated their rooms when it comes to power needs.  Some have more than one outlet conveniently located.  An even smaller percentage have USB ports available for charging.  And, bedside charging in general leaves something to be desired.  So, a small power strip can be pretty darn helpful.

Also, if you’re in an airport waiting to board a flight and someone else is using an outlet, this is a great way to convince them to share it with you.

I’ve been testing a few power strips lately.  One of the ones I’ve grown partial to is the Yubi Power Travel Worldwide Power Strip.

Travel Power Strip

Travel Power Strip

This version of the Yubi has two universal outlets and 2 USB outlets.  There’s also a version that has 3 universal outlets, though I prefer the USB option.

To be clear, I don’t like this charger as much as my Monster one.  But, I do like the overall quality.  It’s held up in my backpack for the last few months.  One of my common concerns with universal outlets is they can sometimes be tough to plug things into.  This unit doesn’t give me those problems.

The only drawback I see is that only one of the USB ports is set up to charge a tablet.  The other is a 1amp outlet, plenty to charge a standard cell phone.  That configuration won’t bother most folks.  But, the benefit to two more powerful outlets is if you happen to carry a big portable battery that you also need to charge along with a tablet.

The Final Two Pennies

The Yubi Power units are reasonably priced ($17.99 and $13.99, respectively) and have held up nicely for me.  I’d give them a positive rating, with the caveat that I’m still hunting for the “perfect” power strip.

What are you using for a power strip?

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  1. Lol. I did the same when vacationing internationally with family. Only one converter but I can charge multiple devices. Your cable seems a bit short?

  2. I know exactly the Monster cord you’re talking about. I have one myself. I never pack it in a checked-bag as I fear it will go missing and can’t but another one! 🙂

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