Flying Again On 9/11

Not sure why this didn’t post Monday morning.  I finished it up as I was boarding a flight and hit publish.  Apologies.

I’m flying again on 9/11. I was home last year. Ultimately, I’d prefer to be home. To be near loved ones.  Instead, I’ll be flying. And remembering.

I’ve written a post on 9/11 for years, talking about what happened 16 years ago. I think it’s important to remember. It’s also important to talk about it. Out loud. To make sure our children understand what happened. Most importantly, it’s important to spend a moment recognizing those who paid the ultimate price to help save others on that day.

My daughter woke up this morning right before I left.  I had written a note to both her and my son but I was happy to catch just a couple of minutes to remind her it was 9/11.  She knew it was, and reminded me how awesome our local high school looked with the lawn covered by small American flags.

Today is a day to talk about what happened.  It’s a day to remember, in the hopes that it never happens again.  If you have younger children, I understand it can be easy to think it’s better to avoid the discussion.  We all want to protect our kids from harm, including from painful stories.

My daughter and I spoke about it this morning, if only briefly.  We talked about the brave men and women who ran into buildings to save others; of the families who lost loved ones.  And, we talked about what a great country we live in.

I don’t live in a fantasy world.  I know we have serious, divisive political issues to address in our country.

Set all that aside for a second. Please.

Think about the child who doesn’t have a mother or father to come home to because they chose to run into a burning building.  They knew the risks they were taking and yet still did their best to save as many as lives as they could.

There’s an unbelievable monument in Pennsylvania, erected in the memory of those who lost their lives on Flight 93.  My daughter still remembers being there.  Re-reading the words I wrote about it brought tears to my eyes.  I specifically don’t go back and read old posts about 9/11 when I write this post every year.  I write what comes to mind as I try to put that day into perspective.

For as long as I live, I will struggle to frame it.  To me, it’s our generation’s version of Pearl Harbor.  News traveled at a much different pace back then.  But, I can still recall my grandfather talking about Pearl Harbor many decades later.

I hope to be able to tell that story to my grandchildren.  I suspect the events will seem far away to them, from a different time.  Heck, we might have completely different methods of transportation other than airplanes at that point.  Decades from now, that sacrifice will still be real.

Remember it today.  Remember it tomorrow.  Find a way to keep today significant.

Because, it is.

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