Hyatt Status Fast Track! Stay 20 Nights To Earn Top-Tier Globalist (Targeted)

World of Hyatt has a much easier path to both their mid-tier (Explorist) and top-tier (Globalist) status right now.  Their top-tier Globalist status is still my favorite hotel status.

Hyatt made a bunch of changes earlier this year, including the qualifications for their elite levels.  Back when top-tier status was labeled “Diamond”, it took 25 stays or 50 nights to achieve.  With the new program, it’ll take you a minimum of 60 nights to qualify.  And, Hyatt removed the path to get there via stays (though they did add one based on how much you spend each year).

Live From a Lounge is reporting about a much easier path via a targeted fast track offer.

If you’re eligible for the offer, you’ll immediately receive mid-tier Explorist status.  10 paid nights in the following 90 days will earn you Explorist status through February, 2019.  20 paid nights in the following 90 days earns you top-tier Globalist status through February, 2019.

Even though this offer is targeted, Hyatt has shown some flexibility if you speak with an agent.  It’s unlikely that you’ll qualify if you already have Explorist or Globalist status for 2017 (but haven’t earned it for 2018).  However, it can’t hurt to ask.

You can try the registration link on the Hyatt website.  If that doesn’t work, it may be worth calling.  As Ajay notes, it appears employees of Apple and HP qualify.

The Final Two Pennies

I keep trying to read the tea leaves to see if I can figure out how successful Hyatt’s new program is.  Achieving Globalist status is a lot harder than Diamond, though it’s more rewarding.  This fast track offer is consistent with previous offerings Hyatt has had.  Still no clear sense if World of Hyatt is performing as expected.  But, shortcuts to elite status are never a bad thing.  I’m not sure it’s worth committing 10 nights to Hyatt to achieve Explorist status, but 20 nights for Globalist is an offer to jump on if you’re eligible.

Please let me know if you qualify for this offer.  I’m curious to see how widespread it is.

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  1. Your link worked for me, I was Discoverist, logged back in and I’m now Explorist. I do work for a Fortune 500 company, but it’s rare they ever notify us of these challenges, my previous company was really good about that when available.

    1. So thank you for posting these! Guys like yourself help keep me informed and I appreciate it. Now how to get 20 nights in 90 days. I travel for work a little monthly, and have some personal travel coming up that I need to book. Now to decide if I should forgo using my Hyatt points for that personal travel to get these nights in. I did some mattress runs a few years back to get to Diamond and honestly didn’t see much value in it, I used the suite upgrades and the access for free breakfast was nice since I was staying in a remote location but I can’t decide if it’s going to sway me this time or not.

      1. Scott, a couple thoughts. First, you might consider a points & cash booking if you’re trying to achieve 20 nights. This can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses to hit 20 nights. You might have already thought of that, but wanted to make sure it was in your thinking. Remember you can also use those suite upgrades you’ll earn on award bookings, so that may make them more valuable.
        Lastly, remember that if you get to 30 total nights this year you’ll get a free night to use. 5 unique brands will get you the same. Questions?

        1. All good points. I am thinking about points and cash. I’ve got about 10 to 12 nights planned in the next 90 days, most of which are paid stays for work. So it’s feasible I can get to 20 with maybe some mattress runs on points and cash again. I had forgotten about the 30 night or 5 brands getting a free night, I’m at 15 now.

          Hawaii is constantly on my travel list and I’ve never been. I’ve always considered Hyatt points as a way to make the barrier to entry easier, and I see Globalist would get those resort fees waved too. It was on my list a few years ago too and why I made the effort to get to Diamond back and I didn’t pull the trigger so I have to make a decision if i go after this.

          1. Scott, what cities do you travel to? Certain cities are known to have very cheap Hyatt weekend rates. For example, there are usually multiple Hyatts near IAD that have $60-$70 rooms on the weekend.

  2. This indicates to me that Hyatt is experiencing a large drop-out rate. I don’t care for this kind of program because it dilutes the value of my Globalist status hard-earned the traditional way. 60 nights at Hyatt while still maintaining Platinum Status with Marriott takes an effort. I have noticed a lot more attention to my status this year. I’ve wondered if it is because there are fewer Globalist checking in or if Hyatt is making sure elites get special recognition. Overall, Hyatt is still be best program.

    1. Diamond Dave, while I think that Hyatt is experiencing a larger than expected drop-out rate, I don’t think this alone confirms that. They’ve done similar (and more widespread or lucrative) versions in years past.

  3. The link doesn’t work for me, but I’ve got a consulting firm, not fortune 500. No love for us. Looks like I keep burning Hyatt points and spending with Starwood. I certainly spend 60 nights a year in a hotel

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