More Cheap Flights To Europe, Playboy Casino And Amtrak Shrinking Legroom?

Cheap Flights of the Day:

I wrote about some good summer fares to Europe yesterday.  Those seem to still be hanging around a bit.

And, some of them have gotten even cheaper.

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Alaska Airlines And American Are Killing Most Of The Benefits You Receive From Their Partnership

Are Amtrak passengers going to lose legroom?  I can’t imagine this is the best solution to Amtrak’s woes.  I’ll be curious to see some more data on this.

Effective January 1, 2018, American Airlines AAdvantage will no longer have a partnership with Jet Airways.  While Jet Airways isn’t part of the oneworld alliance, they’re still a valuable partner for folks looking to redeem AAdvantage miles for international travel.  You still have until December 31, 2017 to book awards.

On top of the Alaska and Jet partnerships taking a dive, American is proactively ending their codeshare relationship with Qatar and Etihad.  They say they’re doing this because of their concerns with those airlines and their government subsidies.  The bright side here is that the ability to redeem miles isn’t going away.

Have you heard of the Playboy Casino in Atlantic City?  I hadn’t, and I spent a bunch of time there in my younger years.

United Airlines is making some more changes to their award charts.  Here’s what you need to know.

Don’t Forgot To Check For New AMEX Sync Offers!

When you travel, are you a settler or a go arounder?  I’m more of a go arounder, though I have been both a settler and a brick breaker.

Lack of pilots is starting to have a real effect on the airline industry.  Alaska Airlines is having to cancel hundreds of flights because they don’t have enough pilots.

Airlines are unhappy with Denver’s plan to upgrade the airport.  This is a solid article with tons of detail about a debate that’s bound to get more dicey before the dust settles.

Starwood Preferred Guest has an interesting deal.  Book with an American Express card for two or more nights and get 40% off the second night.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my story about Playboy Atlantic City. It’s an irrational obsession of mine. You have no idea how much crazy research I have done on that property.

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