REALLY Cheap $89 Flights To Europe That Show Why You Want To Keep A Stash Of Miles

ETA: Even though the T&C say you need to purchase a return trip, folks in the comments are reporting getting all the way to the payment screen with the cheap one-way fares. 

I’m seeing flights this morning as cheap as $89 one-way to Europe for key summer travel dates and throughout the rest of the year.  WOW Air is offering these fares from cities like Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Cheap Flights To Europe

You can see all the discounted fares on their website.

$89 one-way fares are a screaming deal to Europe, especially from the West Coast.  London, Dublin, Brussels and Berlin are all desirable destinations.

Here’s The Catch

These fares are for round-trips (or, “returns” as you’ll sometimes see it referred to).  Those fares are, for the most part, brutal.   You’ll find a few reasonable sale prices for return flights, but they’re few and far between.  A $99 one-way fare isn’t nearly as reasonable if you have to pay $500 for the flight home.  Couple that with baggage and seat selection fees, and this might not be a good deal.

This Is Where Miles Come In

This might seem crazy, but it might be worth booking a flight home you don’t actually use.  Let’s just say you book an $89 one-way flight to Europe but your preferred return dates aren’t available.  Consider booking a return flight a few months from now.  Then, look for award seats for your desired return dates.

Think about taking a train to a nearby city to use miles for your return flight home.  Paris is a short train ride from Brussels, Amsterdam and London.

If you’re crazy like me, you can use award miles to get you back to Europe in time to take that other return flight.  That gets you two cheap Europe trips for the price of one plus a few airline miles.

Happy to expand more on this if people need help, but now I need to crank out a quick blog post about the travel ban changes!

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      1. I didn’t put in my payment info, because I’m not looking to purchase right now, but when I went to the website and selected a one-way flight LAX-Berlin I got all the way to the payment page and the price was still $99.99.

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