Want To Come Hop On The Boeing 737 Max Norwegian Air Delivery Flight?

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The 737 MAX is a brand new version of the best-selling 737 plane Boeing is in the process of launching.  Norwegian is the European launch customer and they’re picking up their first plane in just a couple of weeks.  You can be on the first flight!

Boeing 737 MAX Norwegian Air Delivery Flight

Now that the dates are finalized, the MegaDO folks are working to finish up the auction they launched a few weeks ago for seats on this flight.

The winning package is for one person and includes:

  • Ribbon cutting ceremony at Boeing’s delivery center in Seattle on June 29th at 10 AM.
  • Delivery flight from Seattle to Oslo, departure June 29th at 1 PM, arrival in to Oslo on June 30th at 7 AM.
  • Your own three-seat row on board.
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of OSL.
  • Return ticket from Oslo, Norway to any Norwegian US gateway (JFK, LAX, OAK, BOS, FLL, or MCO) in
  • Norwegian Premium class. The return flight has to be concluded before July 14th.

I’m planning to be on board.  It’s pretty exciting about getting to fly the 737 MAX on a delivery flight.  I’m a bit less excited about doing it in coach, but I’m looking forward to reviewing Norwegian’s premium class on the way back for readers.  If you don’t actively collect miles and points, I think Norwegian represents a phenomenal value for a premium seat.  I do want to try it out myself before I emphatically say that.

The Final Two Pennies

Delivery flights happen all the time.  However, folks like you and I rarely get to hop onboard.  All of the proceeds benefit UNICEF, a charity Norwegian Air has been actively supporting for quite some time.  Only a dozen folks get to participate in the delivery flight.  Take a moment and bid on the auction.  I’ll be there, and I’m expecting to have a great time!



  1. If this were one day later, the odds of me being on board would be much higher. I’m just not sure I can swing taking the last two days of the month off.

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