Unbelievably CHEAP Fares To Europe! $70 One-Way!


Boy, is the age of low-cost carriers really upon us.  Right now, you can get $70 one-way flights from the US to Europe.  Some of the city pairs include:

  • Miami to Berlin
  • Boston to Copenhagen
  • San Francisco to Frankfurt
  • Boston to Stockholm
  • SFO to London

Cheap Fares to Europe

You may also be able to add in a stop-over in Reykjavik, which would make this an unbelievable deal.

Lots of other permutations as you can see from the grid below:

Cheap Fares to Europe

I saw this on Airfare Spot just a short time ago.  It pays to follow sites like this and The Flight Deal to catch the latest deals as soon as they come out.  These sorts of sales don’t usually feature a lot of seats, so you want to get in quickly.

I see these fares for February, March and April, though Airfare Spot says they’ve tracked it for some May dates as well.

But, Wait.  There Are Fees

As a general rule, low-cost carriers have plenty of fees.  Taking it a step further, WOW Air just changed their baggage policy in a way that almost certainly means you’ll be paying for a bag.

That’s not the end of the world if you’re a diligent packer.  But, make sure you take all the costs into account before booking.

These prices are historically low for non-mistake fares.  And, I almost never see truly great deals from cities like San Francisco to Europe.  If you’re thinking about a Europe trip, now’s the time to consider jumping in.

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