My Favorite Christmas Gift From The Family. Travel-Related, Of Course!

I’m a tough person to shop for.  I don’t buy much in the way of new clothes, and I’m not the type that needs a new big-screen TV or other technology.  I read a lot, but mostly digital books and lots of travel-related reading.  Lots.

But, my wife has an uncanny memory.  She remembers things I bring up only briefly and lodges them in some secret file for birthdays and Christmas.  I had mentioned to her that I had seen a map of the world where you can scratch off the different countries to mark where you’ve been.  I’m a sucker for travel-related things like this.

Favorite Travel Christmas Gift

The map itself just comes in a tube and can be ordered from Amazon.  They sell a handful of them.  I liked the STW (Scratch the World?) map the best. This one is only about $20 on Amazon.

My wife went ahead and had it framed.  There was/is glass that goes with the frame, but I haven’t finished scratching off countries I’ve visited.  So, the glass is tucked away for right now.  Here’s a closer look at some other parts of the map:

I already know I’m going to have a lot of fun scratching off the countries I’ve been to.  And, I’m bound to have even more fun when I come home from my first new country once I’ve got it all updated.

The Final Two Pennies

It was irking me a bit that I couldn’t recall where I saw the map.  I did a bunch of Googling around places I could recall seeing it.  I’m pretty sure it was fellow Boarding Area blogger Miles To Memories.  His is a slightly different map than mine.  I like mine better, but I think that’s just personal preference.  Both are pretty cool, especially to a travel geek like myself!

The Amazon links above are affiliate links for me.  That means I earn a couple of shekels if you purchase something through one of my links.  I’m very appreciative if you do!

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    1. Interesting. I’d never heard of aliexpress (I know Alibaba). That’s a pretty significant price difference! Thanks for pointing it out. Given the size of the commission on Amazon, I’m not making a living sending people there to buy maps. 🙂

  1. Cool – I just wrote a post on my travel map which is slightly different and comes with magnetic pins that you can use to track your travels

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