My Favorite Christmas Gift From The Family. Travel-Related, Of Course!

I’m a tough person to shop for.  I don’t buy much in the way of new clothes, and I’m not the type that needs a new big-screen TV or other technology.  I read a lot, but mostly digital books and lots of travel-related reading.  Lots.

But, my wife has an uncanny memory.  She remembers things I bring up only briefly and lodges them in some secret file for birthdays and Christmas.  I had mentioned to her that I had seen a map of the world where you can scratch off the different countries to mark where you’ve been.  I’m a sucker for travel-related things like this.

Favorite Travel Christmas Gift

The map itself just comes in a tube and can be ordered from Amazon.  They sell a handful of them.  I liked the STW (Scratch the World?) map the best. This one is only about $20 on Amazon.

My wife went ahead and had it framed.  There was/is glass that goes with the frame, but I haven’t finished scratching off countries I’ve visited.  So, the glass is tucked away for right now.  Here’s a closer look at some other parts of the map:

I already know I’m going to have a lot of fun scratching off the countries I’ve been to.  And, I’m bound to have even more fun when I come home from my first new country once I’ve got it all updated.

The Final Two Pennies

It was irking me a bit that I couldn’t recall where I saw the map.  I did a bunch of Googling around places I could recall seeing it.  I’m pretty sure it was fellow Boarding Area blogger Miles To Memories.  His is a slightly different map than mine.  I like mine better, but I think that’s just personal preference.  Both are pretty cool, especially to a travel geek like myself!

The Amazon links above are affiliate links for me.  That means I earn a couple of shekels if you purchase something through one of my links.  I’m very appreciative if you do!

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    1. Interesting. I’d never heard of aliexpress (I know Alibaba). That’s a pretty significant price difference! Thanks for pointing it out. Given the size of the commission on Amazon, I’m not making a living sending people there to buy maps. 🙂

  1. Cool – I just wrote a post on my travel map which is slightly different and comes with magnetic pins that you can use to track your travels

  2. Thanks Ed. Going to pick one up. Follow up question though. How about a post of your top 25 or so travel related books?

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