Hotel Guest Has, Ahem, Loud Sex. Gets Pulled From His Room And Beaten

In the category of “what’s unbelievable is now real”, a man who was reportedly having sex and making too much noise in his hotel room was dragged from his room by the guest of an adjacent room and a group of people traveling with him:

This is the extraordinary moment furious hotel guests kicked down a man’s door and beat him up in the middle of the night because he was having sex too loudly.

CCTV captured the moment a guest, named locally as a businessman called Zhang, took out his frustrations on another guest at a hotel in the city of Beihai, in China’s Guanxi southern province.

The attack took place in the early hours of October 13 after Zhang and a group of his colleagues had checked into the hotel ahead of a meeting the following morning, local media reports.

There’s video that you can see in the Daily Mail piece as well as some still shots of the scene.  It’s a bit surreal.

Loud Sex

The Daily Mail reports that the guest who performed the beating was fined 15,000 yuan, or a bit more than 2000 USD.

I read a great number of stories about travel.  They cover a wide range of topics.  And yet, every once in a while a story comes across that just makes me scratch my head.

This occurred in China, though I’m not sure what hotel.  Honestly, I’m just hoping I never end up in a hotel room that someone can kick in as easily as this guy appears to do so.

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