CHEAP Flights To London In Premium Economy

There’s a really solid deal on premium economy fares to Europe right now.  The Flight Deal lists fares for roughly $650 from both New York and Washington, DC.

For those that don’t travel often, you might be asking, “What’s Premium Economy?”.  I snapped a couple of pictures from a video on the Virgin Atlantic website:

Cheap Flights To London

Cheap Flights To London

In this instance, premium economy is cheaper than coach.  But, what if it wasn’t?  You’d be paying extra for meal service, dedicated check-in lines, a pre-departure drink and upgraded meals.  But, the real value proposition is the seat.

Flights to London are pretty short from the east coast, only about 6 hours from “wheels up” to “wheels down”.  If you hope to hit the ground running for work or leisure, you need sleep.  Premium economy seats tend to be a bit wider than coach, have a better recline and more legroom.  Think of a domestic first class seat you might find on United, Delta or American.  I haven’t flown Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy product, but it actually looks nicer than the British Airways product I flew a couple of years ago.  I really didn’t enjoy that seat for sleeping.

Premium economy isn’t going to be better than a lie-flat seat in business class, for sure.  But, it can be worth paying more than coach to sit here.  So, it’s surely good to pay the same as coach and get the extra benefits.

ETA: As I was wrapping this post up I saw that Gary had also posted on the sale and noted the possibility of an additional $100 savings per ticket via American Express.  That makes this an ever better deal than I originally thought.

If you’re thinking about booking this, I wouldn’t wait too long.  You have 24 hours to cancel if you change your mind, and I can’t imagine that premium economy stays cheaper than coach for very long.

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