Cheap Flights To Vegas, JetBlue Fare Sale And Norwegian Adding Service To A Great European City

Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: 

JetBlue is running a sale where fares start as low as $39.

They’re also selling tickets to Las Vegas for less than $200.

In Case You Missed It: 

One blogger thinks that Marriott could be the best loyalty program in the future.  I’m skeptical.  Marriott has shown enough evidence that they’ll get better, but I also believe SPG has regressed a bit.  Where they used to be head and shoulders above the competition they’ve come back to the pack over the last 5+ years.  Marriott will be the biggest and they may have benefits customers want.  But, a lot remains to be seen.

JetBlue has officially added Atlanta to the map.

Norwegian announced a big expansion from the US to Barcelona.  It’s an interesting move for them.  They have the long-range planes to do it and Barcelona is a delightful destination that’s definitely under-served from the US.  I think this will present some more good opportunities for US-based folks to get to Europe cheaply.  I flew the inaugural Norwegian route from JFK to Martinique last year and was pleasantly surprised about the in-flight product.

One Mile at a Time brought up an interesting point today about Cathay Pacific adding fuel surcharges to their tickets.  He picked up on a Loyalty Lobby post about the issue and brought up the interesting point that Cathay is pretty much making customers pay for their previous mistakes.  That’s generally the way for-profit businesses work, just usually not that visible.  It’s still an interesting discussion point.

The Priority Pass program keeps coming up in new credit card offers, and I’m sure there are folks that wonder what value that actually adds.  Here’s a good synopsis to get you started.

Are business class and first class travelers stupid?

It sounds like a bunch of protective items got blown by when a pilot plugged in the wrong coordinates for a completely different airport than where he needed to fly.

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