Free Amazon Cash! I Need Two Minutes Of Your Help And I’m Giving Away Prizes

Those of you that know me personally may be aware that a big part of my day job evaluating and managing new and existing investments in our portfolio companies.  Think of us like Shark Tank, but with less yelling and screaming (and in one case, more hair).

One of our portfolio companies is in the travel space and, as luck would have it, I write a travel blog.  They’ve got a quick, 2-minute survey that I want to help them get responses on.

I’m giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to 4 lucky winners selected from all the folks who complete survey.

Survey Link

The survey literally should take you two or 3 minutes and all you need to do to be eligible for the gift cards are these two things:

  1.  I have assurances from them that nobody’s e-mail address will be added to any mailing lists.  Fill in your e-mail address in Question 8:

Free Amazon Cash

2.  In question 9, fill in my name (Ed Pizza) or my blog name (Pizza in Motion) so that we can pull a list of all the folks who should be eligible:

Free Amazon Cash

I really appreciate your help on this.  My blog has always been free to access and I imagine it always will.  You won’t find a lot of referral links to credit cards, etc here, so if you’ve found something useful on the blog in the past, I hope you’ll take just a few minutes out of your day to answer a few quick questions.

And, heck, maybe you’ll win an Amazon gift card!

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