Cheap Flights to Asia, $25 Off At Staples And Really Bad News For Some Folks Who Buy and Sell Gift Cards

Lots of stuff to get to this morning.  Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day: Asia is the talk of the town as far as cheap flights are concerned, with both United and Delta dropping cheap Hong Kong/Taipei fares into the market.  If you can still find these, jump on them.

In Case You Missed It: American Airlines keeps two credit card providers.  Why that’s good for us.

A guide to taking public transportation in Sydney.

Citi Prestige cardholders are losing access to Admirals Clubs.  I’ve never held the card, but I imagine this will cause a lot of folks to drop the card.  As Lucky points out, there are still good benefits to keeping the card, though I think a $450 fee will be too much to justify for some folks based on things like the $250 airline credit and Priority Pass membership.

Disappointing news in the world of manufactured spending.  Gift card reselling is a healthy part of effective strategies to create lots of miles/points.  The site is out of cash and appears to be headed for a BK filing.  Will Run For Miles is an attorney by day, so her perspective here is valuable to folks trying to figure out if they’re getting their money back.

I think it’s interesting to note that though you can’t sell gift cards on the site anymore, it does appear you can still buy cards.  I was able to get all the way through to entering my credit card (and I’m sure as hell not going to do that).

Cheap Flights to Asia

My guess is that the creditors want to squeeze as many sales as they can from the merchandise that’s left.  You’d think that means folks who sold gift cards to them have a chance to get some cash back.  But, since the lenders are likely all secured creditors and nobody selling gift cards likely is, I suspect you’re screwed if you haven’t gotten paid.

After the attempted coup in Turkey, the FAA has lifted the ban on flights from Turkey to the US.  Turkey is a country with a rich history, one I’ve hoped to visit for quite some time.  I actually had a trip scheduled there earlier this year but ended up canceling due to some violence in the tourist area.

Though the FAA ban on flights from Turkey has been lifted, this piece by Cranky Flier still rings true on the troubled path Turkish Airlines has going forward.

Get $25 off a $100 transaction at Staples using Visa Checkout.

Should a United pilot who called for Hilary to be tried and hung on the National Mall be fired?  The short answer is no.  He didn’t make the comment while acting in his role as an employee of United.  And, while it’s a bombastic comment, I’m assuming he doesn’t really want to hang her.  But, as Matthew says, it’s election time in the US.  You just never know…..

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